Simple, Low-Latency Game Streaming

Connect to a gaming PC from anywhere

Game Streaming with Friends

Forget what you know about screen sharing, Netplay, and difficult-to-use VPNs.

Parsec connects two devices to let you play your PC games from anywhere on any device. Play your games from the couch, work, or a friend's basement. Stop worrying about how you're going to get your next game in — Parsec Co-Play works with any offline multiplayer game without hassle.

High Performance Online Co-Play

Play your favorite games anywhere with low latency at 60 frames per second

We're 100% focused on delivering the best game streaming performance possible. You don't have to suffer through button mashing and frame rate drops. Play on any device at a glorious 60 FPS with Parsec.

Cloud Gaming with Parsec

We make cloud gaming easy and available anywhere.

Install Parsec on any cloud gaming machine to improve its performance. We also offer gaming PCs in our Cloud Gaming Marketplace, so you have the ultimate choice to game any time from anywhere with your friends on Parsec.

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